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    Della Ferrera updated logo
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Della Ferrera a name with a 106 year history will return soon with a new range of motorcycles, Please add your email to our newsletter for the latest news as and when it happans


In 2010, Shaun Ollivierre, a Canadian businessman, bought the rights to Della Ferrera and relaunched the brand, focusing on creating a hybrid motorcycle under the marque. Currently the company produces Della Ferrera apparel and helmets, and is looking to release it’s first  motorcycle in 2017.

In 2013 the rights and trade name/logo’s were transferred into British ownership, Plans are now underway for a new bike using a big bore V twin engine.

In 2016 plans are underway to produce a  motorcycle using a CNC machined 2.5 litre V twin engine, With options in 1.8 and 2 litre engines configurations Della Ferrera will manufacture  a range of motorcycles hand built to order in the tradition of Della Ferrera ‘s historic past.


Della Ferrara owns ALL rights to the brand name and logo’s worldwide and will  protect it’s interests against any identity registering trademarks or using our logo’s, brand names and history for gain

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